Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Naive Textile Art

I came across Naive Accessories at a rather somnolent trade fair the other day. Not perhaps a good place to launch a new company to the world but what buyers there were seemed attracted by the originality and designs of Naive Accessories and they were the one stand with a queue.

Naive Accessories is run by daughter and mother - Becks and Susan Jennings - they use traditional techniques and natural materials to produce playful and original designs with a slightly old fashioned feel (in a good way!) The Jewellery cone above is french-knitted in Teeswater wool and crammed with lavender. The idea is that necklaces and other pieces of jewellery hand from the felt hatpins which if moved release the smell of the lavender.
The Cup-cakes again are filled with lavender and rings can be held within the folds of the 'icing' and earings pinned into the knitting.

The Cherryjelly Jewellery Box is handfelted into a vintage jellymould and crammed with lavender and is both a jewellery box (the calico cake stand) and can be used to hang necklaces etc from the bobbles.

Naive Accessories
also do boxes of 'chocolates', Icecream Cones, and Beehives.

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Half an Acre said...

WOW! i am thrilled to have found this post! I was selling at a DIRE fair last year and met these very people! I bought a box of 'chocolates' from them and had a good old chat! so pleased to have come across them again as I had no details for them! thank you so much for featuring them .. there things are fabulous!