Monday, 8 September 2008

The Joze Show08

Carlsberg don't do Open Houses but ...
if they did it would probably be the Joze Show, take one country house, a lovely garden and number of outbuildings, a professional curator and 17 fantastic artists and you get the Joze Show.

Josie Waldie who has organised the show and reformed advertising guru and born again painter Alan Waldie have opened their fantastic house and garden - Accolds Farm, near Petworth, for the second year. This year is curated by James Gillons of Gillons Art Battersea who has put together some great sculptors, painters and ceramicists for the week long show.

Proceeds from the show are going to the Berkeley Reafforestation Trust, which seeks to help communities throughout the developing world reestablish forest ecology for their areas.

Although the weather on the preview evening had a little to be desired, even in a downpour you could see that the garden is a great setting for the carved wooden sculptures of Si Uwins, and the beautifully observed bronze animals of Carol Orwin.

Inside we were taken with the heavy cast glass sculptures of Heike Brachlow - heavy solid glass cylinders which balance precariously on pointy ends and invite playing with as they move with the slightest touch.

Kitty Shepherd was exhibiting both her handbuild pots with decoration motivs ranging from dyson vacuum cleaners to racing silks (which got her featured in the racing post!) also plaques and a few quite traditional slipware tiles.

Alan Waldie
was exhibiting lively paintings from his life in Sussex, dogs and snow covered landscapes. (images top)

Sarah was very taken with the painterly pots of Dylan Bowen who seems to treat his ceramics like a canvas to produce beautifully free decoration.

And 11 more good artists!

The show is only open 2-5 in the afternoon until this Sunday.
I highly recommend a trip out, but print a map out off the internet before you set off or use a gps as it's in the middle of no-where (but easy to get to)

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