Monday, 29 June 2009

Derek Yaniger at Castor & Pollux

Quoting Derek himself….

‘A gig in the works is a print show at the Castor and Pollux Gallery in the UK. The show will run from June 26th thru July 20th. On display will be my newest serigraphs as well as some of my old favorites. They’ll also have signed copies of my book, “Wildsville, the art of Derek Yaniger”. Should be a jolly big hoot! Be there if ya’ can, man.

‘I blew into Atlanta around the ’80s and gotta a gig scratchin’ out art at a local sweat shop. I copped a squat there for three years but the cabbage was, like, nowheresville, so I just had to cut out. I gave that nogoodnik from creepsville the heave-ho. I still roost in Georgia but nowadays I print my own foldin’ green. Over the past twenty years, give or take, I’ve rolled out chicken scratchins for someway big wigs like Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network. Today I spend my dims and brights pedalin’ my art to mags such as Atomic, Barracuda, and Car Culture Deluxe.

Once you get a load of my art, I hope you dig it the most.’

Join Castor and Pollux in Wildsville from 27 June.

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