Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Through the Keyhole - Sarah Downer

Sarah Downer moved to Dunham in Cheshire in July 2008 after four years of being on the National Trust waiting list for properties on Dunham Massey estate. She wanted to live in Dunham Town after getting married ten years ago at the beautiful stately home.

Sarah says that probably the best thing about this home is the outside - set in two acres, it has a paddock where some neighbours keep some ponies and lots of lovely trees along the canal which runs along the bottom of the garden. The outhouses provide a great space for a studio, with good natural light, but this space still needs some work to make it completely dust-free!

In ten months, Sarah and her family have not done everything they would like to do to the place. "There's still lots we need to do to make it feel like it's ours. I don't know what my style is, but i like having furniture which has a history to it, like the church chairs in the dining room".

In the lounge apart from Sarah's son's 1st birthday cards, there is a family portrait on the window sill by her 3 year old daughter, Bessie, which they are very proud of! The sculpture in the corner is by John Downer. The painting in the dining room is also by John Downer.

In the kitchen the drypoint on the wall is one of Helen Fay's monkeys. You can just make out a painting of Sarah by her friend Bob Brown in the right foreground.

Sarah will be exhibiting her work at the Brighton Art Fair in October.

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Alice said...

What a beautiful house!