Monday, 26 July 2010

Jeremy Hunt Launches Structural Reform Plan

Jeremy Hunt the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport, launched his "structural reform plan" setting out the Coalition Governments plans for that sort of thing on the 15th July.


A quick reading of it reveals that Culture and Art isn't really mentioned at all apart from a general 'encourage philanthropic giving' - that's it.

All the rest of the plans were about the olympics and para-olympics, "Boosting the big society" - lifting restrictions on cross-media ownership, a move which will apparently boost the "big society" and not just reward media moguls for electoral support. Also they hope broadband will be extended across the country by telecom companies.

But about art, culture and heritage nothing, ziltch, nada.

I hope that this could mean that these sectors will be left alone to fulfill their artistic goals, and that the government is happy with the successes and value for money of these sectors provide and that they don't need reform just hands-off nurturing and occasional funding.

Or did they just forget...

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