Monday, 26 July 2010

Knit Cloud

We've just heard about an intriguing and exciting new project about to be launched in Brighton.

Knit Cloud is to be new fashion & textile shared studio space, and small business incubator in Brighton. Giving start-up businesses access to space, expertise, and specialist equipment. It's the idea of designers Susan Pearson and Sarah Elwick.

Knit Cloud are looking for a few more members/sharers - contact Sarah Elwick (

This is what they write about Knit Cloud ...

First ever incubator dedicated to the fashion & textile industry in Brighton & Hove, supporting and promoting talented designers, makers and artists in this sector.

Nurturing the business and technical skills of both new and established designers – helping them to make their businesses more profitable, while maintaining their creative integrity.

Master classes for the members and the community, that educate across the lifecycle of the design-make process including, CAD computer-aided design (In Design layout and documents, Illustrator vector drawing), pattern cutting, dubied flatbed knitting, sample-making, tailoring and craft skills.

Dedicated tuition in essential business skills - branding & marketing, presentation, negotiation and sales, accounting & finance, intellectual property management, time management, leadership, entrepreneurship & accessing venture capital and networking.

A sustainable social enterprise - a creative hub for designers makers and artists.

Co-working ethic providing a coming together to share ideas, collaborate, innovate and network.

Access to a fully equipped workshop - multi-tenancy enabling shared cost of otherwise prohibitively expensive resources (equipment and workspace).

A vibrant and growing network among new and established professional designers with strong links to the business community, tapping as well as feeding into the effective creative and business networks and training programmes of the South East

A self-help principle, members encouraged to cross-practise, helping, swapping skills and time. The co-working experience providing trusted affiliations to help at key times when deadlines have to be met. Once their businesses have taken off, creating employment opportunities for other designers and the community.

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