Friday, 16 July 2010

Through the Keyhole - Roy Avis

Artist Roy Avis lives and works in Somerset. Previous incarnations include working for London and Bristol advertising agencies and as a successful freelance illustrator. Roy has also worked in his partner's sign and graphics company with pictorial pub signs and murals to his name. He has been a silk screen printer and is competent in most graphics media. Roy currently runs a holiday cottage next to his studio, 'people love the original artwork and bright colours' and uses it as an "add on "gallery.

Roy will be exhibiting his work with The Art Agency at the Palace Art Fair in London in October.

When did you move to house/studio?
About 20 years ago

What made you choose it, what interested you about it's style or location?
The same family had lived in it since the 1930s and it only been very superficially modernised. We were looking for somewhere that we could renovate to our taste. We even found newspapers from the 1930s under the lino and £70 in £5 white bank notes, and the Rayburn was a 1950s model. We lived in it while we were renovating so it evolved around us. Half the boundary is the rock face of an old quarry so the garden is quite unique. The views are stunning.

What's your favourite room - why?
I don’t have a favourite room they are all so different and all have such a different character dependent on my mood.

How would describe your decorating style?
Bold use of colour, natural fabrics and materials. We also are attracted to slightly quirky things that we find on our travels.

What are those objects in the photo - by what artist, what maker?
The paintings are by myself , my partner and by friends. A lot of the furniture has been “found “ We frequently have current paintings on the walls so we can live with them before sending to galleries.

What about it does inspire you?
I find the whole house inspiring somewhere to relax gather my thoughts.

What is interesting about your house and why?
It is several hundred years old and is near a flooded quarry and the site of along disused railway line- very peaceful. The garden has featured in a garden design book.

What is interesting about your house contents and why?
Objects often carry a story that will relate to you and your work. Generally things that we have collected over the years because we like the look of them also a few family pieces

Why do you like your area of the world - how does it relate to your work if at all? Although I mainly paint cities I was happy to leave London as the pace of life here makes it easier to concentrate on my work.

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