Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Open Houses Worthing

Worthing Open Houses
opened their doors again last weekend showing a wide variety of art and craft. It's only on for 2 weekends and next weekend is the last weekend so if you fancy a day in Worthing - Brighton's up and coming but sleepy neighbour then would be a good time!Worthing has embraced the Open House idea enthusiastically with double the number of houses opening this year (45 venues) from last year and visitor numbers respectable.

We had a few distractions over the weekend - setting up our pictures (late) in one open house, talking to artists and visitors, sitting in the sun on the beach drinking sangria and waiting for our lunch to be served at Coast Cafe, taking pictures of the classic american cars at the rally on the Steine - the houses we did visit were pretty good and worth a look. Details of all artists and houses can be found on the website here - the symbol on the map marking a venue is a house and the pointy bit is a roof not an arrow pointing to the location - so make sure you read the address!

Here are a few we got to visit... and they're worth a look!

8 New Parade Alison Milner recently curated an exhibition "Beyond Floral" up in Barnsley and she's brought much of the exhibition to her house at New Parade on Worthing Seafront. (also picture at top of page)

Sarah Young Dolls and Mel William Lavender birds at 3 Alexandra Road

Sarah Young relief prints at Alexandra Road

and Sarah Young Paintings at Alexandra Road

Julia Burns, Philip Tyler and Louise Tyler at 229 Farm Road

Chis Hill at 229 Farm Road

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