Monday, 6 April 2009

Brighton Art & Design Guide - eikonoclast

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Former Fashion Designer Remus Au opened eikonoclast in 2003. The Shop is conveniently situated just off the seafront in the Lanes area of Brighton 200metres from the Palace Pier behind the Queen's Hotel

eikonoclast is a jewel of a design shop specializing in life style products including ceramics, jewellery, glassware etc. The shop is known for its exclusive merchandise, exquisite presentation and enchanting window display.

Remus says he wants the shop...
"to challenge, to enchant and above all to delight. In Eikonoclast you will find diversity and individuality combined with artistic integrity. Our philosophy is to seek out the innovative and the unconventional. For us, beauty and quality are paramount. We only sell that which we love and believe to be distinctive."

The shop had to be in Brighton because...
"It has always been a fun and exciting place to live. It has a young, lively atmosphere and attracts a wide variety of people"

The shop stocks makers from around the country including,
Adrian Briscoe Photography
Melanie Bowles Digital Textile
Wendy Jung Ceramics
Katrina Alexander Jewellery
Remus Au Bespoke Greeting Card//Lighting
Gemma Rees Canvas painting and installation art
Alan Mcleod Water colour
Diane Matthes Illustrator
Jonathan Buck Wood sculpture

7 Kings Road
01273 821881

Open Monday, Wednesday to Saturday 10.30 - 18.00 and Sunday 11.00 - 17.00 Tuesday close.


Pura Aventura - Thomas Power said...

You really should take a detour to this shop (it's only just off the seafront, couple of doors from the thistle hotel) even if only to see the window display.

But do go inside, they could not be friendlier - nothing intimidating or snobby about these people.

Hannah Nunn said...

I think this is my favourite shop in Brighton. Remus the owner is SO friendly and lovely and his products are gorgeous and beautifully presented.

very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place, with beautiful things within. Don't miss this treat. Remus has impeccable taste and is a perfect host. You''ll enjoy your visit!

Ali freeman-wall said...

I love remus' shop, so full of unexpected delights and always want to snap up about 100 little gems...well worth a visit if you have exceptional taste.

Anonymous said...

Visiting Eikonoclast is always an amazing experience! Every item is specialy chosen and beautifully displayed. The window displays are always a piece of art, you can see people admiring the window from the street and taking pictures of it. Remus has a real talent and managed to create something very special and one of its own. Eikonoclast is always the first thing I go to see whenever I visit Brighton!