Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Online Shop of the Week - The Shop Floor Project

The Shop Floor Project was set up by mother and daughter team Denise and Samantha Allen as a direct response to the need for a space where artists and designers from around the world could sell their work. The website is visually very funky and fresh - a mix of drawings, images from magazines and stills from film sets are collaged together to form the space. Denise and Samantha look to artists and makers who can offer limited edition or one off pieces to make the store as unique as possible.

Work for sale ranges from ceramics to textiles, furniture to books and hats to kitchen linens. My absolute favourites are the glorious tattoo tights! How gorgeous?

The Shop Floor Project has been been featured in a new book called iCatching which selected 40 innovative websites from around the world. They deserve it!

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