Sunday, 19 April 2009

Artist of the Week - Becky Blair

Becky Blair

Describe your work?
None of my paintings are planned. They appear organically through a web of under-painting. Lacy pools of watery paint, applied layer upon layer, provide the groundwork for my landscapes and people to appear. I aspire to imagery that’s fleeting and momentary and has the potential to be poignant. To retain some mystery, and have gaps for the viewer to explore with their own imagination.

One favourite living artist?
Peter Doig, for his ability through painting to overwhelm me with mystery and excitement. His exhibition at Tate Britain blew me away, I don’t feel words really begin to explain the dramatic effect his paintings have, that’s the beauty of them, they are beyond words.

One favourite historical artist?
Picasso, for making it look so easy and the earthy joy of painting that oozes from his work.

When and where did you first want to do what you do?
I never decided to be a painter, it just kind of happened out of me always focusing on doing what I felt like doing and people liking it.

What place in the world has inspired you?
India for its daily magic.

At age 15 who influenced your style? Was there any individual who very much helped you on your way?
At 15 my style was purely influenced by what I could manage when coping with the medium whether it was paint, pastel or pencil. And I think my art teacher and my parents helped me along by being into Art and seeing it as a subject to pursue seriously.

How do you set about starting a new project?
By switching my brain off.

Where and what is your studio?
My studio is in Brighton Phoenix, I have a wonderful spacious studio with 5 massive windows providing the natural light I need to work. I work by myself which I have done for about 10 years, I like the freedom of solitude. I listen to radio 4 a lot, but when that fails to please; folk, funk or rock’n’roll do the trick, almost never silence.

Guilty secret?
Picking my nose

Can anything be 'art'?
Yes, but it might be shit

What do think are crimes against good taste & decency in art?
Good taste and decency.


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