Sunday, 16 March 2008

Alex Binnie at Ink-d Gallery

Tattoo Artist and ex-medical Illustrator Alex Binnie returns somewhat to his roots for a show of new work at Ink-d Gallery in North Road Brighton (almost next to Bills)

Alex's first solo show is called 'Anatomies' - Showcasing the body, the 3-week exhibition presents a brand new collection of his highly original drawings

The body is one of the main themes of all art, and all of the Alex's work focuses in some way on the body in its various stages - the tattooed body, the distorted body and the dead body. Alex believes such themes question the transience and futility of life and as such, presents us with a brand new set of images for the show that are funny, beautiful, disturbing and erotic.

The work Alex has produced for this exhibition is exclusive to Ink-d - the exhibition continues till 29th March. Alex's screenprinted work including the erotic? 'Boned' series (themes of death and the maiden) and some flash designs can be seen on his website .

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