Sunday, 23 March 2008


Visiting the Collect exhibition the other week, I came across a lot of fantastic makers and galleries which I hadn't seen before and will try and write up over the coming weeks, one of the most interesting was CraftScotland which is the official showcase for Scotish Craft. There is something about Scotland which seems to foster exciting makers and a browse around their website did make me look into the price of flights to Edinburgh as we haven't managed to get to Scotland for years. . CraftScotland is, amongst other things, a comprehensive website with details of makers, galleries, exhibitions and events.

Some of the Makers I saw at Collect that made an impression were -

Anna King - who was exhibiting coiled forms made from feathers which though beautiful and original were to me slightly unsettling with a touch of the surreal.

Hannah Louise Lamb - was exhibiting a group of brooches influenced by her cockatoos and home!

Grainne Morton - a jeweller who uses found objects to create trees and storybook landscapes

Deirdre Nelson - was exhibiting at Collect pierced plastic spoons inspired by convict love tokens We came across Deirdre Nelson in a fascinating and moving textile exhibition 'In the Raw' in Glasgow several years ago. She is an artist working with textiles and interested (I think) in historical themes of work, trade, and emigration.

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