Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Brighton Art Fair - MADE08 decision time

We're entering the decision phase of Brighton Art Fair and MADE08 which happily gets more and more difficult every year - the applications get better and better and are increasing every year so we should be able to put together quirky, diverse and high quality shows. The downside is that the committee find it difficult to go to gallery openings or artsy events for a few months as every year we have to turn down 3 times as many artists as we accept due to lack of space in the hall and so feel a little unpopular! However it is very exciting opening the envelopes or on-line applications and seeing the images, websites and artists statements. Then the difficult job begins of choosing 90 artists who are different enough from each other, produce high quality work, are passionate about their art and will appeal to different groups of people. It's looking good though!We are delighted that Elle Decoration will be sponsoring the Brighton Art
Fair this year. We are confident that this partnership will help bring a
wider audience to the Fair, promoting the event as a wonderful opportunity
to buy top quality art direct from the artists.

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