Sunday, 11 May 2008

Brighton Open Houses - The Handmade House

Another house for a hot day is Ralph Levy's handmade house. The Handmade House is just outside Brighton in Ditchling. Ralph Levy makes lovely simple metal furniture as well as garden arches and other supports.

Of course part of the joy of the Open Houses is having a nosy round other people's houses and seeing what people do with their home. The Handmade House is a detached house surrounded by veg plots and lawn leading to woodland and orchard. The house has the feel of a classic English cottage of the 1930's with chickens running around the garden and simple furniture inside made by Ralph Levy.

Chris Gilvan Cartright painting.

There are quite a few artists exhibiting in the house and the bedrooms are open showing off Ralphs furniture as well as jewellery, ceramics and some beautiful painitngs which all work in the specific spaces of the Handmade house

Ceramics by (oops I didn't take the name but they are lovely!) in the garden

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how I can contact Ralph Levy, please?