Thursday, 14 May 2009

Anish Kapoor at the Municipal Market

We got to Anish Kapoor's Dismemberment of Jeanne dArc last week, the colossal sculptural installation comprising 5 elements taking up the entire disused municipal market.

Whilst the sculpture itself has presence due to the pillar box red colour of the elements and the immense size, the actual building was getting just as much attention, as a fantastic venue closed for years and now set to be redeveloped. Which I suppose will be a good thing - more flats, offices a new library for Brighton University, a new events square, studios for South East Dance and a "creative industries market".

A little bit of me can't help thinking that it all sounds a bit glossy and that it may be a shame to lose the actual building which could be put to more creative use than more bloomin flats. Hopefully the Anish Kapoor exhibition may be only the first artistic use before the building work starts.

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