Saturday, 23 May 2009

Brighton Open Houses - The Handmade House - Dichling

Last weekend we spent a day going round Brighton Open Houses without actually entering Brighton proper. With the weather looking good for this weekend we strongly recommend that you might want to do the same. Some outlying houses - for instance in Ditchling or South Heighton Newhaven have the space to put on fantastic exhibitions in the houses but also have the setting and gardens (and little cafes) which come into their own on a hot May day.

We reviewed the sculpture trail at Ralph Levy's 'Handmade House' in Ditchling last week, but the actual house is somewhat in contrast to the sculpture trail - a beautifully put together house where the house, handmade furniture and artwork all work together. The feel is of a warm cosy timeless (well perhaps 1940's) arty country cottage.

Tiles and vases made by Ralph Levy and decorated by Jane Sybilla Fordham.

The garden is a lovely place to sit and have your lunch, and unlike many houses which only serve tea and cake the Handmade House have savoury lunches as well.

Water colour by Kate Sherman


The handmade house opens 11-6 this weekend. (last weekend so get there!)

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Sew Recycled said...

As an exhibitor myself I have always tried to make the effort to go and at least see this one. It is so inspiring and refreshing. A must to be seen!