Saturday, 23 May 2009

Brighton Open Houses - South Heighton Pottery

South Heighton has a number of great houses including the Old Forge. Chris Lewis' pottery at the bottom of the hill is selling the pottery of Chris Lewis - Pots, Garden Seats, Sculpture and Chris Ford's Stoneware pots, as well as Jenny Crisp willow baskets, and Jane Robbin's collages.

The Pottery is in an old barn and behind the pottery is an orchard/kitchen garden where Chris Lewis' seats and larger pots are displayed amongst the trees, veggies and flowers.

I have to admit to a passing jealousy for their studio/gallery - enough space to work, backing onto a beautiful walled garden with a Georgian house to the side looking over the Ouse Valley. I'm sure that there are drawbacks, draughty in the winter perhaps but on a sunny May day it doesn't seem like it could get much better!

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