Friday, 15 May 2009

Brighton Open Houses - 28 Portland Road

Mixed Show 28 Portland Road
Alison Hermon
Jan Hunt
Kat Furguson

Sometimes Open Houses get accused of safe playing and Knick-Knackery, so it was good to come across a house which was unashamedly uncommercial and striking because of that. Just two rooms in Portland Road (the Blacthington Road end) and 3 artists.

Alison Hermon had the back room blacked out and was exhibiting illuminated reconstructed coats, which she had once owned and many had been given to her and so had a previous life. A comment on memory and nostalgia perhaps.

Jan Hunt had a dress and window hanging quilted from used teabags - different colours and luminousity depending on the state of the light coming in.

Kat Furguson was exhibiting folded, twisted and cut paper pictures which had both a simplicity of design but because of the use of printed paper were quite textural and had an op-art feel which changed as you moved in front of them

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