Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Online Shop of the Week - Smart Tart

I became almost obsessed with Karen Arthur's Smart Tart bags about 8 years ago when I came across them in a beautiful craft shop in Brighton. I had to have one - and so did! I still have it, wear it with pride and enjoy the fantastic comments I receive when it's hanging from my arm!

Karen has been making unusual and quirky bags for over 20 years now and her studio in St Just, Cornwall houses the fantastic amount of textiles that she has collected with a passion over the years. Karen makes mostly fabric bags from this collection but has also recently started making soft leather bags in various styles including the infamous 'bucket' shaped style.

The Smart Tart website offers bags ready for sale of why not choose some fabric and have your very own unique bag made up?

Recently Karen has opened her own online gallery selling not only her bags but ceramics, jewellery, paintings and rugs. Well worth a look.

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