Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Image of the day - Consuelo Radclyffe

Brazilian artist Consuelo Radclyffe sculpts figures and scenes.

She says "Childhood memories are my main inspiration.These figures are often described as dark, joyful and weird. Carefully crafted identities which give my work depth, poignancy and glee. My sculptures are made from clay, wire, and clothes designed uniquely for them. Also I often bring found objects to complement the sets.These childish figures with their often mutinous expressions, tell clear stories of the profound childhood. Their imaginary friends are a constant presence. Moments of play mixed with cravings for a sense of ownership and belonging and of the pain of experiencing rejections, exclusions and rivalries. They are arresting characters, with strong, faces, inviting the viewers to a journey of their own."

Consuelo Radclyffe will be exhibiting her ceramic sculptures at Palace Art and Craft Fair at Fulham Palace 16 -19 May

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