Monday, 8 April 2013

Image of the Day - Melissa Simpson

Melissa Simpson is a maker of functional leather handbags, briefcases and accessories designed and made with a touch of colour.

Melissa gains inspiration from everything around her, ranging from insects to architectural details, magazines to museums.

Ideas form in her head which eventually translates into a 3D model prototype. At this stage, she can see clearly if any tweaking is needed. Once adjustments are made to the patterns, she makes the real thing in leather and uses the bag for a couple of months to see if anything needs to be changed before launching it to the public.

Melissa has always loved working with colour and this shows very strongly in her work, Her subtle use of colour allows the person to carry the colours without screaming colour.

Melissa Simpson will be exhibiting at the Palace Art and Craft Fair 16 -20th May

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