Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Image of the day - John Whitfield (Renée Pfister Consultancy)

John Whitfield is a successful commercial photographer. Recently he's been pursuing personal projects. His latest project "Beached" was born from his fascination with the Thames estuary.

John Whitfield, Fleetwood, 2010, photograph, limited edition 1/30, 40 x 60 cm
"I would explore the creeks and saltflats looking for likely landscapes to photograph. Occasionally I would  stumble across an abandoned ship's hull,stripped of its planking with only its ribs remaining. I had found my subject. They epitomized the wild, otherworldliness that attracted me to these areas. Object, sky and land became one and I began to search them out. "

John Whitfield will be exhibiting his 'Beached' photographs  at the Palace Art and Craft Fair 16-20th May with Renée Pfister Consultancy

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