Thursday, 4 April 2013

Image of the Day - Tanja Ufer

Tanja Ufer  is Sussex based jewellery designer and silversmith.

Tanja Ufer started designing and making jewellery with an apprenticeship at Pforzheim Goldsmithing School, Germany, in 1993. She spent two years there learning from a broad range of courses including: silversmithing; goldsmithing; enamelling; engraving; gemmology (the study of gem stones); technical drawing and the history of art & craft.
The apprenticeship continued with a two year placement working for well-known jewellery designer Peter Haarstick, in Bremen, Germany. Here she gained further experience in working with highly precious materials, one off pieces and commissions.

Her apprenticeship successfully culminated in a Journeyman exam in 1997. The Journeyman piece was awarded a grant from the Bremen County Council, which enabled Tanja to accept an offer for an Master of Arts in Metalwork and Jewellery design at Sheffield Hallam University. The freedom of thinking and exploration, broadened her understanding of jewellery as an ideas medium, integrating a conceptual approach into her work.

Tanja Ufer will be exhibiting at the Palace Art and Craft Fair at Fulham Palace 16-19 May 2013

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