Friday, 5 April 2013

Image of the Day - Emma Clegg

 Having studied Fine Art, Emma Clegg has come full circle by returning to a potters studio, having spent a lot of my childhood in her father's pottery factories.

The inspiration for her work stems from  an old Edward Raby piece. It is a tiny wreath, about 6 cms across and consisting only of unglazed porcelain flowers. It was buried for around 40 years under the New Cross in Park Street, Bristol, and on it’s removal was still perfectly in tact. 

Her own work is decorated with 3 dimensional porcelain flowers and berries, giving the appearance of fragility and following the theme of vanitas, but by  contradiction, the work is actually very robust as it is fired to 1280 degrees centigrade.

All of her work is made of porcelain, and have been made by throwing or hand building techniques.  The wild flower range was developed for the Fortnum and Mason’s ‘Hand Made’ exhibition in 2010.  Other work has been developed from my contribution to ‘The Big Egg Hunt’, London 2012. 

My studio is in the old Blacksmiths forge in our village in the North Cotswolds.

Emma Clegg will be exhibiting at the Palace Art and Craft Fair in May

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Willie Robb said...

So intricate, Beautiful piece.