Sunday, 21 April 2013

Beautiful finds at the Art and Craft Fairs

Looking round my home it occured to me how many beautiful things I and my family have bought over the years visiting the Art Fairs and Craft Fairs in Brighton and London.

Very much looking forward to the art and craft fairs this year, starting with the Palace Art and Craft Fair next month.

Here are some of our purchases! There are not many purchases of pictures as we work with pictures in our day job, so seem to be drawn to other made things, especially ceramics, which we love.
First though is my Shaker box, full of my bits and pieces, which sits on my desk. Bought at the last Made Craft Fair in Brighton.

and also by my desk is our 2013 hand made limited editon letter press calender by Clare Somerville-Perkins at


I was given this as a present, bought at the Brighton Art Fair, a hand made ceramic of the pulpit at Berwick Church which is near us in East Sussex. Made by 

and a very special doll which is one of a small number made by Sarah Young. Each is unique and I think our Bird Lady was one of the first Sarah made. Bird Lady stands in her box on the wall of our living room, and occassionally comes out of her box on special occasions!

and a favourite which we bought several years ago at Brighton Art Fair; one of Sophie Woodrow's fascinating, strange porcelain creatures. Sophie has gone on since to become a highly collected artist and ceramicist.
Always a taking point is our selection of seven delicate porcelain ceramics bought in the first year that Myung Nam An exhibited her work, shortly after finishing at art college.       
Be interesting to see what others have bought after visiting the fairs. The truth is that there are too many beautiful and unique things at the fairs. They are a great way of seeing a wide variety of work and supporting the many gifted artists and makers who exhibit. I also have some lovely jewellery from the fairs - subject for another blog posting!

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