Thursday, 21 August 2008

Arundel Gallery Trail

The A27 Roundabout at Arundel has been invaded by large spider-like 'scuttleheads' - sculptures by Stuart Slade who exhibited one of the more original installations in last years festival (day of the mopheads)

The Gallery Trail starts on Saturday and runs every afternoon til Sunday 31. About 100 artists are exhibiting including exhibitors past and present at Brighton Art Fair: Sarah Young, Chris Mitton, Andy Waite, Robert Olivier Jones, Michelle Scott, Matt Smith, Judy Dwyer, Hannah Bedford, Fleur Grenier Lawrence Dicks and Joy Fox (so it must be good!)

What is especially pleasant about the trail apart from the lovely and impressive Arundel Houses is that the majority of Houses and Galleries are on just 2 streets (Tarrant and Maltravers) so the entire trail can be easily walked.

Painting by Charlie Stanley - exhibiting at 26 King Street.

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