Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Love is the drug- Pinky at Ink_d

8 AUGUST 2008 — 30 AUGUST 2008

I first met Mr. Pinks when he took part in Variety Store at Castor and Pollux last Summer. Since then, I have seen him pop up all over the place, from various events in London, Berlin, Brighton and on projects for all sorts including Dior, Justin Timberlake, Maharishi, Darth Vadar and the BBC.

What is great to se is an extensive use of the space available in a small gallery, Pinky paints all over the walls to compliment his paintings and paper cuts.
At the Private view there was a real feeling that he made the event and the space his own. More than a few people had coloured ribbons in their hair, and although he references graffiti, psychedelic art, the 80s and Pink Floyd, his work is too celebratory to be looking back and is all about bringing the love.

To see pictures, check out these websites

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