Sunday, 3 August 2008

Online shop of the week - Abigail Brown.

Abigail Brown's new blog was pointed out to me the other day, and I said I'd highlight it on the this blog. There are some lovely pictures of her birds and other products such as masks - and of course her links...

Whilst I was there I had a peep at her etsy shop and although her work seems to sell quite quickly you can see a great range of her lovely work in the sold section, masks, small birds in matchboxes, cards.

I've heard some people pour scorn on artists and makers selling direct through the internet and in particular Etsy, as though work is only legitimate if it's on the wall of an art gallery and ideally is an installation. Whilst it is true there can be lot of dodgy items on sites like etsy (eg crochet antlers for cats perhaps), selling direct over the internet in small quantities can allow artists to spread their wings, produce new work across discaplines, experiment with new work, widen ranges and get immediate feedback. In fact it can increase creative freedom by side-stepping the reasonable demands of shopkeepers and gallery owners for a sure-fire-best-seller!.
Anyway if you have any favourite online shops do let me know.

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