Friday, 15 August 2008

The Harmony of Art & Interior Design

Interior designers at Les Tuileries in Surrey have joined forces with emerging and established artists to create a truly innovative partnership, bringing both fine art and interior design to their clients.

With experts in both areas, Les Tuileries offers a unique service of harmonising art and interiors so that collectors can live amongst the object d’art that they love. With style and flair beautiful interiors are created displaying works of art which are shocking to some but true perfection to others.

Most recently, artist Fleur Deakin has seen her ‘jewel like’ artworks adorn the walls of both contemporary and traditional schemes. Deakin creates mixed media collages using gold and silver leaf and recycled packaging which is then encased in reflective resins which burn brightly with vibrant colour.

Les Tuileries director, Penelope Shivjee says “Our partnership with Fleur Deakin reflects a somewhat innovative and youthful spirit to combining art and interior design, our aim is to get across that both are accessible and are a wonderful compliment to each other”

Les Tuileries gallery & studio is open Tuesday to Saturday 10-4pm
6 South Street, Dorking, Surrey

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