Saturday, 16 August 2008

Fish and Stitiches - Kate Jenkins at Castor and Pollux

Kate Jenkins has been designing and making knitwear with her company Cardigan Ltd for over twelve years.
In addition to a collection of wearable wool, is an exciting and surprising range of Comfort Food.
Plates lovingly hand made of lambswool are adorned with bangers and mash, pizza, eggs and bacon, and fish and chips!

Fish and Stitches at Castor and Pollux coincides with Brighton and Hove's annual Food and Drink Festival, the organisers of which, not surprisingly, chose to use Kate's fish and chips for their publicity around the country.

You can see all these fish and chip dishes at the beach front gallery from the 30th August. Contact for an invitation to the private view on the 29th.

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