Saturday, 30 August 2008

Arundel Open Houses

Arundel Festival Gallery Trail seems to be going well and has been busy - the poor weather sometimes works in art's favour! Its the Trail's last day tomorrow so do get down there at 12.00 to be able to get round all the houses and galleries.

Sally Colledge's latex installation in the Garden of the Walker Gallery.

An update on the illicit spider sculptures. The Highways agency have ordered for them to be removed 'as soon as practical' which purely coincidentally is the day after the Arundel Festival ends on Monday. The Duke has agreed for them to be repositioned to the Castle lawn for a month. The controversy has created quite a lot of press coverage and a number of opportunities for Stuart Slade and he may have sold some of the sculptures. So some good has come out of the complaint.

One of Sarah Young's new monoprints (two colours and gilding)

Matt Smith's ceramic sculpture 'he realised she was the brains of the operation'

Victor Stuart Graham boats and houses.

Judy Dwyer's boxed dolls

Alison Milner-Gulland's ceramics and collagraph

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